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Biowashball Zoom


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Wash your clothes without detergent.

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Product Description


    Compared to the normal washing process the Biowashball washball reduces the risk of allergies linked to detergents eliminates micro-organisms creates well-being and savings and preserves the natural environment.

    Well-being: no side effects due to detergent residue in the washing.

    Antibacterial: removes pathogenic micro-organisms.

    Economical: cuts out detergents (about €1 000 in savings in 3 years based on one wash per day) saves electricity (maximum 50o wash for all your washing even whites).

    Ecological (phosphate free): preserves the water and the water table.

    Biowashball is a washball that represents a sustainable alternative to using Soapnut berries (fruit of Sapindus Mukorossis) the intensive use of which is now the cause of massive deforestation in the forests of India and Nepal.

    The Biowashball gives off negative ions which weaken the adherence of dirt to the fabric so that they are removed easily without the use of washing powder. The Biowashball maintains pH in the region of 10 equivalent to the pH of an ordinary chemical detergent. It’s this pH that means that organic grease or chemical stains are treated effectively. The Biowashball eliminates chlorine compounds from the water and reduces its surface tension thus increasing its washing capability. It eliminates the pathogenic micro-organisms contained in the water in your washing machine giving you clean and healthy washing.

    Life: 3 years on the basis of a 4kg wash per day. Above 4 kg use 2 Biowashballs. For optimal effectiveness before use and in order to preserve its effectiveness put the Biowashball in the sun for 2 hours in order to regenerate the ceramic microbeads. Repeat this operation a minimum of once a month.

    Composition: The Biowashball is a washball composed uniquely of natural ceramics in a non-toxic plastic sphere.

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