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Circulate 30 caps (LifeStream) Zoom

Circulate 30 caps (LifeStream)

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    A herbal warming tonic which assists circulation. Supports healthy function of the heart and arteries. Helps promote alertness and concentration. Contains herbal extracts of Ginger Hawthorn Ginkgo Garlic and Cayenne.

    Much more than just a spice! If you thought that ginger was no more than the powdered spice that goes into gingerbread, or the knobbly root that is used in stir-frys and cooking, then prepare yourself for a surprise.

    Ginger has held an honoured place in traditional herbal healing since time immemorial, but now its unique properties are being rediscovered and confirmed by modern science. Ginger - one of nature's most valued herbs Ginger has warming, circulatory and anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a tonic to help normal digestive process. The value of Ginger has been recognised by physicians and herbalists the entire world over, tapping into the incredible benefits of this amazing plant. All this is quite remarkable from a single natural herbal food.

    Confucius Say! It has been said that Confucius never ate anything without eating a little ginger first. The 5,000 year old ancient Chinese text Shen, nung pen tshao tching, or Manual of the celestial husbandman mentions ginger throughout for its warming properties and its support for good health. Queen Elizabeth I had a famous pot of ginger powder which she took...At anytime after or before meal to assist digestion.

    Ginger's role is unique no other herb will substitute Ginger is helpful in warming the body against winter ills and chills. It is highly valued in the sophisticated world of Chinese healing and is used as a main ingredient in many traditional remedies. The story is basically the same around the world and at the heart of all traditional medicines; whenever digestive problems set in, ginger offers great support. Premium Quality Ginger Lifestream Bioactive Ginger products are premium high quality extracts that are subjected to rigorous quality controls during all phases of the growing, harvesting and manufacturing processes. Lifestream Ginger products are G.E. Free. What is it good for? Ginger has been used successfully in helping many conditions. Traditional use and scientific research confirm that ginger: * Is a digestive and circulatory tonic * Relieves the symptoms of nausea and motion sickness * Supports circulation * Brings warmth to the body from the inside out * Brings warmth to cold hands and feet that are most often deprived * Supports joint mobility and suppleness * Warms the joints and supports flexibility * Assists normal digestive processes * Supports maintenance of a healthy circulatory system Because peeled ginger loses a lot of its essential oil content, extracts and dried ginger are produced from the dried and unpeeled root or rhizome, which is considered to be the most useful part of this perennial herb. - See more at: http://www.mynaturalhealth.co.nz/products/view/lifestream-circulate-capsules#sthash.Gw8eE3oE.dpuf

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