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Lifestream Ultimate Greens - Ultimate Daily food Supplement 100g Zoom

Lifestream Ultimate Greens - Ultimate Daily food Supplement 100g

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Product Description


    Lifestream Ultimate Greens - Ultimate Daily food Supplement 100g


    These are nature’s highly concentrated nutrient-rich ‘green’ foods and they provide micronutrients that are often lacking in processed foods but are a necessary part of our diet.

    Lifestream Ultimate Greens contain unique phytonutrients and deliver extra beneficial nutrients not usually available in the average diet

    Lifestream Ultimate Greens surpass synthetic multi-vitamin formulas because they contain compounds that cannot be recreated in a laboratory.  The natural phytonutrients in Lifestream Ultimate Greens are in a ‘bioavailable whole-food’ form.

    Lifestream Ultimate Greens - Super Nutrition

    Lifestream Ultimate Greens has a rich spectrum of natural antioxidants| plant pigments| phytonutrients| vitamins| minerals| all the essential amino acids and many other unique plant nutrients. It contains zinc| vitamins B1| B2| B3| vitamin C| chromium| copper| methionine| iron| protein| gamma linolenic acid (GLA)| chlorophyll| phycocyanin| beta carotene| many other valuable carotenoids and much| much| more....

    Lifestream Ultimate Greens is perfect for:


    Lifestream Ultimate Greens – nutritional boost

    Poor nutrition can be caused by stress| poor dietary choices| fatigue| a lack of fruits and vegetables and the over consumption of takeaways and processed foods. Lifestream Ultimate Greens provides a nutritional boost to the diet. Lifestream Ultimate Greens contains protein| enzymes| vitamins| minerals| antioxidants| fibre| carotenoids and natural plant pigments. The phytonutrients in Ultimate Greens also have antioxidant activity.

    Lifestream Ultimate Greens - the Ultimate Daily Food Supplement

    We are confident that Lifestream Ultimate Greens is unmatched and far superior to your everyday synthetic multivitamin formula. Some synthetic formulas combine unnecessarily high levels or conflicting ingredients that can hinder or even negate absorption as there is a limit to the body’s ability to assimilate and use vitamins. Synthetic formulas are also not able to reproduce the unique plant nutrients contained in Lifestream Ultimate Greens.

    Lifestream Ultimate Greens concentrates the goodness contained in green vegetables and plants into a convenient and easy-to-take form.

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