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Ace Bio Mineral Pot
Price:$ 125.00

AlkaFresh Mini Max Ionizers 5 Plate
Price:$ 990.00

Bikram Yoga Bikram Balance Berry 288g
Price:$ 92.00

Bikram Yoga Bikram Balance Orginal 288g
Price:$ 92.00

Crewelter Alkali Ionizer 7 Plate
Price:$ 1,530.00

Crewelter Alkaline Ionizer 9 Plate
Price:$ 1,690.00

Lexen Healthy Juicer
Price:$ 110.00

Mad Millie's Electric Pizza Oven
Price:$ 199.00

myFleaTrap – simply the safest way to go
Price:$ 95.00

Pest Free II Domestic
Price:$ 159.95

Plug-In Pest Free PRO Unit
Price:$ 399.00

Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser
Price:$ 95.00

Grocery - Cereals

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Ceres Muesli Light Organic 600g

Price:$ 11.20
SKU No.: 316003

Ceres Organic LSA (Linseeds (Flaxseeds), Sunflower Seeds, Almonds) 700g

Price:$ 16.95
SKU No.: 300012

Chantal Organic Jumbo Rolled Oats 1kg

Price:$ 7.80
SKU No.: 309023

Lotus Instant Oats 500g

Price:$ 8.60
SKU No.: 309027

Ceres Muesli Apricot Almond Organic 700g

Price:$ 11.60
SKU No.: 316000

Ceres Muesli Honey Toasted Organic 800g

Price:$ 11.50
SKU No.: 316002

Ceres Muesli Original Organic 700g

Price:$ 11.50
SKU No.: 316004

Ceres Muesli Tropical Organic 700g

Price:$ 11.20
SKU No.: 316005

Nature's Path Organic Millet Puffs 170g

Price:$ 6.99
SKU No.: 316028

Nature's Path Organic Rice Puffs 170g

Price:$ 6.99
SKU No.: 316029

Nature's Path Organic Spelt Flakes 350g

Price:$ 8.90
SKU No.: 316031

Chantal Swiss Bircher Muesli 750g

Price:$ 11.90
SKU No.: 316032

Ceres Organics Cereal (Oven-Roasted Brown Rice) Ground Rice 400g

Price:$ 6.95
SKU No.: 316034

Ceres Cereal Ground Quinoa Organic 400g

Price:$ 16.50
SKU No.: 316035

Nature's Path Organic Apple Cinnamon Hot Oatmeal 400g

Price:$ 10.50
SKU No.: 316038

Nature's Path Organic Maple Nut Hot Oatmeal 400g

Price:$ 10.50
SKU No.: 316039

Nature's Path Organic Optimum (Cinn. Blueberry Flax.) Hot Oatm

Price:$ 10.50
SKU No.: 316040

Nature's Path Organic Variety Pack Hot Oatmeal 400g

Price:$ 10.50
SKU No.: 316042

Chantal Tropical Muesli 750g

Price:$ 12.95
SKU No.: 316043

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

Chantal Natural Apricot Almond Grainola Organic 750g

Price:$ 12.95
SKU No.: 316044

Chantal Ginger Zest Grainola 750g

Price:$ 11.90
SKU No.: 316045

Planet Porridge Organic & GF 500g

Price:$ 15.80
SKU No.: 316054

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

Ceres Puffed Quinoa Organic 150g

Price:$ 14.50
SKU No.: 316055

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

Ceres Organics Puffed Amaranth 150g

Price:$ 8.95
SKU No.: 316056

Ceres Quinoa Flakes Organic 420g

Price:$ 16.95
SKU No.: 316060

Lotus Psyllium Husk 200g

Price:$ 10.60
SKU No.: 701370

Nature's Path Organic Mesa Sunrise® Flakes 300g

Price:$ 8.90
SKU No.: 316020

Nature's Path Organic Millet Rice Flakes 375g

Price:$ 8.80
SKU No.: 316021

Nature's Path Organic Heritage® Flakes 375g

Price:$ 8.90
SKU No.: 316013

Little Bird Raw Organic Macadamia & Berries Grawnola 350g

Price:$ 17.90
SKU No.: 316082

Little Bird Raw Organic Cacao & Superfoods Grawnola 350g

Price:$ 19.50
SKU No.: 316083

Lotus Rice Bran Fine 500g

Price:$ 15.20
SKU No.: 316093

Lotus Soy Grits Debittered 500g

Price:$ 8.70
SKU No.: 309097

Lotus Crunchy Rice Flakes 250g

Price:$ 9.95
SKU No.: 316066

Lotus Kibble Rye 500g Organic

Price:$ 6.70
SKU No.: 309101

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

Orgran Itsy Bitsy Cocoa O's Breakfast 300g

Price:$ 8.98
SKU No.: 316087

Orgran Multigrain Breakfast Os with Quinoa 300g

Price:$ 10.60
SKU No.: 316064

Orgran Rice O's - Wildberry Flavour Breakfast 300g

Price:$ 9.95
SKU No.: 316088

Nature's Path Organic Optimum Cran & Ginger Hot Oatmeal 8pk

Price:$ 10.50
SKU No.: 316041

Little Bird Raw Organic Almond Goji & Yacon Cereal 500g

Price:$ 17.90
SKU No.: 316103

Little Bird Raw Organic Fig & Ginger Grawnola 350g

Price:$ 17.25
SKU No.: 316107

Bob's Red Mill Organic 6 Grain Hot Cereal 680g

Price:$ 7.30
SKU No.: 316109

Bob's Red Mill Organic Brown Rice Cereal 737g

Price:$ 10.90
SKU No.: 316110

Little Bird Raw Organic Superfoods Salad Clusters 150g

Price:$ 10.50
SKU No.: 399086

Uncle Joe's Hazelnut Meal 240g

Price:$ 11.20
SKU No.: 304104

Bob's Red Mill Quick Cooking Oats 907g

Price:$ 13.20
SKU No.: 316123

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

Bob's Red Mill Old Fashioned Rolled Oats 907g

Price:$ 13.20
SKU No.: 316122

Enjoy Life Crunchy Flax with Chia Gluten Free Cereal 254g

Price:$ 8.40
SKU No.: 316140

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

Fearn NaturFresh Raw Wheat Germ 284g

Price:$ 9.30
SKU No.: 309166

Chantal Organic Quick Rolled Oats 1kg

Price:$ 8.20
SKU No.: 309022

Brookfarm Gluten Free Macadamia Muesli with Cranberries 350g

Price:$ 16.90
SKU No.: 316049

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

Brookfarm Gluten Free Porrij 400g

Price:$ 16.90
SKU No.: 316141

Brookfarm Gluten Free Bircher 400g

Price:$ 16.90
SKU No.: 316142

Red Mill Mighty Hot Cereal 680g

Price:$ 7.80
SKU No.: 316139

Ceres Ancient Grain Puffs 150g

Price:$ 7.20
SKU No.: 316173

Ceres Superfood Crunch 250g

Price:$ 10.30
SKU No.: 316174

Ceres Keenwah Mighty Crunch 250g

Price:$ 8.99
SKU No.: 316176

Ceres Keenwah Super Pops 250g

Price:$ 8.99
SKU No.: 316175

Brookfarm Gluten Free Muesli Bar 140g 4 Bars

Price:$ 11.40
SKU No.: 325118

Red Mill Textured Soy Protein 170g

Price:$ 9.50
SKU No.: 309158

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

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