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Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser - Ultrasonic
Price:$ 95.00

A NEW FLAVOUR Loving Earth Salted Caramel Chocolate - Raw Organic 100g
Price:$ 10.20

A Salad for All Seasons
Price: $54.99
Now:$ 54.99

Ace Bio Mineral Pot
Price:$ 125.00

Angel Foods Bellissimo
Price:$ 6.50

Anytime Anywhere Waterman Bio Mineral Pot 600ml
Price: $79.00
Now:$ 79.00

Artemis Kidney Cleanse Tea 30g
Price:$ 21.90

BASIC GROWING KIT Mayjer Microgreens
Price:$ 12.90

Bonnie Oat Crackers Canterbury Linseed 180g
Price:$ 8.90

Bragg Premium Nutritional Yeast Seasoning 127g
Price:$ 14.80

Breadfruit Flour - Maiden South Pacific 500g
Price:$ 21.50

Chantal Organic Rice Syrup 900g
Price:$ 17.95

Chantal Organic Tahini Whole 700g
Price:$ 16.30

Coconut Sugar Organic 1kg Bag
Price:$ 14.95

Cookin' up a Storm - Sea Stories & Vegan Recipes
Price:$ 40.00

DELUXE KIT Majer Microgreens
Price:$ 32.90

Dessert Essence Organics Spicy Vanilla Chai Body Wash 237ml
Price: $16.90
Now:$ 14.87

Dessert Essence Organics Spicy Vanilla Chai Body Wash 237ml
Price:$ 16.90

Dr Libby’s Sweet Food Story
Price:$ 49.99

Glutenfreeda Granola - Apple, Almond & Honey 300g
Price:$ 15.50

Greg Malouf Green Harissa 260g
Price:$ 19.50

Greg Malouf Red Harissa 260g
Price:$ 19.50

Honest Gum 100% Natural Sugarfree Chewing Gum
Price:$ 4.99

Hot Vegan: 200 Sultry & Full-flavored Recipes from Around the World
Price:$ 24.99

Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Fragrance Free Deodorant 88ml
Price: $13.30
Now:$ 13.30

Lexen Healthy Juicer
Price:$ 110.00

Loving Earth Dehydrated Botija Olives - Raw Organic
Price:$ 25.90

Loving Earth Organic Raw Creamy Coconut Mylk Chocolate 100g
Price:$ 10.20

Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C 30 Packets 5.7ml each
Price:$ 54.90

Matakana Superfoods Coconut Nectar 500ml
Price:$ 19.50

Mrs Rogers Premium Organic Vanilla Bean Paste 50ml
Price:$ 12.60

myFleaTrap – simply the safest way to go
Price:$ 95.00

Nature's Goodness No-Cal Sweetener - 250g
Price:$ 15.90

Natures Way System Well - Ultimate Immunity 90 Tablets
Price:$ 49.90

NuNaturals, Pure Liquid, Clear NuStevia, 2 fl oz (59 ml)
Price:$ 24.05

Organic Comb Honey / Clover 100g
Price:$ 21.50

Pana Sour Cherry + Vanilla Chocolate 45g
Price:$ 8.30

Plug-In Pest Free PRO Unit
Price:$ 299.00

Raw Organix Raw Plant Based Protein 500g
Price:$ 45.90

RIPE RECIPES by Angela Redfern
Price:$ 59.99

Sunflower Seed - Organic
Price:$ 10.50

Tahi 10+ Active Manuka Honey 400g New Zealand
Price:$ 36.00

Tahi 15+ Active Manuka Honey 400g New Zealand
Price:$ 65.00

The Unbakery Raw Organic Goodness by Megan May
Price:$ 58.90

Tom & Luke Trinity Sunflower Bar 70g
Price:$ 4.95

Trade Aid English Breakfast 25 Teabags
Price:$ 3.60

Trade Aid English Breakfast 50 Teabags
Price:$ 6.40

Yogi Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy 16 Tea Bags
Price:$ 10.50

Bulk Food - Dried Fruits

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Cranberries - Organic (price per kg)

Price:$ 40.90
SKU No.: 328015

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

Banana Chips - Organic (price per kg)

Price:$ 12.90
SKU No.: 328025

Raisins Seedless - Organic (price per kg)

Price:$ 15.50
SKU No.: 328026

Mango Strips Dried - Organic

Price:$ 37.50
SKU No.: 328027

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

Crystallised Ginger - Organic (price per kg)

Price:$ 34.00
SKU No.: 328031

Coconut Desiccated - Organic (price per kg)

Price:$ 11.70
SKU No.: 328038

Papaya Strips Dried - Organic

Price:$ 31.50
SKU No.: 328039

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

Coconut Chips - Organic

Price:$ 12.90
SKU No.: 328044

Figs Whole Dried - Organic (price per kg)

Price:$ 24.50
SKU No.: 328050

California Medjool Dates (with pits) - Organic

Price:$ 39.00
SKU No.: 328024

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

Apricots - Organic Whole Dried (price per kg)

Price:$ 48.00
SKU No.: 328079

Sultanas - Organic (price per kg)

Price:$ 14.80
SKU No.: 328073

Blueberries Dried - Organic (price per kg)

Price:$ 79.00
SKU No.: 328122

Prunes Pitted - Organic (price per kg)

Price:$ 29.50
SKU No.: 328102

Goji Berries - Organic (price per kg)

Price:$ 65.00
SKU No.: 328101

Cacao nibs (Raw) - Organic (price per kg)

Price:$ 49.00
SKU No.: 328112

Dates Medjool Jericho Natural

Price:$ 39.00
SKU No.: 328137

Cherries Dried - Organic (price per kg)

Price:$ 75.00
SKU No.: 328123

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

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