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House Hold - Laundry

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Sonett Gall Soap 100gm

Price:$ 5.41
SKU No.: 100042

Ecover Fabric Softener 500ml

Price:$ 6.10
SKU No.: 10031

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

50g of SoapNut shells and a free cotton washbag.

Price:$ 6.30
SKU No.: 100001

Eco Friendly Laundry Powder Concentrate Refill 1kg

Price:$ 6.99
SKU No.: 10024

Ecover Laundry Bleach Powder 400g

Price:$ 8.30
SKU No.: 10022

EcoStore Wool Wash 500ml

Price:$ 8.50
SKU No.: 10042

Ecover Fabric Softener 'Amongst the Flowers' 1L

Price:$ 8.60
SKU No.: 10017

Ecostore Fabric Softner 500ml

Price:$ 8.80
SKU No.: 100016

Ecover Stain Remover 200ml

Price:$ 9.35
SKU No.: 10014

Sonett Washing Up Liquid 300ml

Price:$ 9.58
SKU No.: 102258

Wendyl's Rose Laundry Powder 500g

Price:$ 9.80
SKU No.: 100033

Wendyl's Patchouli Laundry Powder 500g

Price:$ 9.80
SKU No.: 100036

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

Ecover Delicate Wash Fine Fabrics & Wool 1L

Price:$ 10.25
SKU No.: 10018

EcoStore Laundry Liquid 500ml

Price:$ 10.40
SKU No.: 902828

Soapnut Shop Pure Oxygen Whitening Powder Bleach 500g

Price:$ 11.70
SKU No.: 300104

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

Sonett Bleach Complex & Stain Removal 450g

Price:$ 12.60
SKU No.:

EcoStore Pure Oxygen Whitener 1kg

Price:$ 13.10
SKU No.: 10046

Grab Green Fragrance Free Dishwash Detergent Pods 24L

Price:$ 13.60
SKU No.: 101024

Sonett Starch Spray & Ironing Aid 500ml

Price:$ 14.16
SKU No.: 100044

Klin Isi All Natural Laundry Detergent 2 Litre

Price:$ 14.20
SKU No.: 102524

Grab Green Red Pear with Magnolia Dishwash Detergent 24 Loads

Price:$ 14.30
SKU No.: 101021

Grab Green Vetiver Laundry Detergent 24 Loads

Price:$ 14.90
SKU No.: 100073

EcoStore Laundry Liquid 1L

Price:$ 16.50
SKU No.: 100008

Biokleen Fabric Refresher 473ml Lavender

Price:$ 16.50
SKU No.: 102557

Soapnut Shop Powder 250g Bag

Price:$ 17.10
SKU No.: 100003

Soapnut Shop Shells 250g Bag

Price:$ 17.10
SKU No.: 100002


Price:$ 19.80
SKU No.: 10030

EcoStore Laundry Powder Plant Based 2kg

Price:$ 20.70
SKU No.: 100007

Soapnut Shop Powder 500g Bag

Price:$ 20.70
SKU No.: 100022

Soapnut Shop Shells 500g Bag

Price:$ 27.90
SKU No.: 100004

Ecozone Ecoball Refills 180

Price:$ 30.00
SKU No.: 102326

Sonett Washing Liquid 2Litres

Price:$ 32.18
SKU No.: 100039

Ecozone Ecoballs 150 Washes

Price:$ 37.00
SKU No.: 102247


Price:$ 95.00
SKU No.: 1000002

Out of Stock.
Please contact us instore.

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