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Valee More | Happy Relationships, Rapid Stress and Pain Relief, Craniosacral & Integrated Body Therapies

Valee’s passion is helping people bring increased happiness in their lives through building loving fulfilling relationships and
rapidly relieving stress and mental, emotional pain simply and effectively. 
She also has years of experience specialising in relieving physical pain.

Do You Want a Happy Fulfilling Relationship Now?

Valee will guide you to get to the core of any issues and help you to gently and effectively clear current and past hurts.
On the other side of the coin, she will help you to become clear of what is important in your relationship, to understand your needs, wants and boundaries, what your love language is, how to lovingly communicate, and to set new patterns for a happy and fulfilling relationship.
Valee combines a variety of techniques and processes from more than 20 years psychosynthesis experience, as well as relationship coaching and EFT.

Do You Want Rapid Stress or Emotional Pain Relief?

This easy and very effective method releases the stress of everyday life together with the accompanying emotions.  When you fully go through the process you pop out the other side into a place of peace and ease, and you will feel a change in your body.  As long as the emotion on a specific issue has gone down to 0 the stress and emotion will not come back.

Are You In Physical Pain and Want Quick Relief Now?

If you suffer from chronic musculo-skeletal pain, there is help.  Some people will live with pain for years before they think of getting help.
One client exclaimed after her first session that “I was shocked as I had no idea that pain could be relieved so fast”!
Valee combines craniosacral therapy, ortho-bionomy (both osteopathic techniques), therapeutic massage and Reiki.  Over the past 19 years she has helped many people relieve chronic pain and in some cases prevented surgery.

Whether you want to re-energise your current relationship, find a new relationship, heal emotional or physical pain, or relieve stress, Valee will support you to achieve your dreams and goals, and bring more happiness into your life.

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