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Waihi Bush - Flax Fibre - LSA Zoom

Waihi Bush - Flax Fibre - LSA

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Dietary Fibre
Vegetarian protein
Omega 3
Support Body Detox

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Product Description


    Waihi Bush Flax Fibre Original is a fine flax seed meal that is:

    A well balanced source of soluble and insoluble fibre which helps remove toxins from the body. A high fibre diet may help with regulation of blood cholesterol , blood sugar and oestrogen levels. A good source of lignans which have a powerful immune boosting effect and act as plant oestrogens to balance hormonal fluctuations.

    Gluten free, so safe for those with coeliac disease. Very low carbohydrate, good for diabetics and athletes. An excellent source of of folate. Extremely rich in antioxidants. Contains 33% high quality protein. Contains omega-3 fatty acids. Certifed Organic.

    This plain fibre has the consistency of flour and can be used as a substitute in baking, or as a thickening agent or egg replacement. It is wonderful in protein shakes or smoothies. Waihi Bush Flax Fibre Original is milled from the certified organic de-fatted flax seed, Linum usitatissimum (Linseed). The fibre is high quality, unrefined, containing no toxic substances or cholesterol. It is packaged in the absence of light, air and reactive metals and packaged in black HDPE plastic under an inert gas blanket to further protect it against light and oxygen.

    We recommend that pregnant women seek advice from a health care professional before taking this product due to the hormone regulating effects of the lignans found in flax fibre. Dietary Fibre Antioxidants Vegetarian protein Omega 3 Support Body Detox

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