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Beagle's Bees 100% Honey Gimblett Gravels NZ 500g Zoom

Beagle's Bees 100% Honey Gimblett Gravels NZ 500g

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Light, delicate meadow flower and clover  with back notes of honeysuckle.

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Product Description


    Beagle's Bees use the following methods to create this incredible Honey Range:

    ORGANIC PRINCIPLES:  Beagle tends to his hives using the utmost biodynamic organic standards created by a well known philosopher, Rudolf Steiner.   Some of these practices include:

    • non-hive movement, as this disorientates the honeybees
    • no pesticide use in the hives, as this weakens the honeybees immune system
    • minimal harvesting, as over-harvesting puts the bees in a panic to replace their honey stores for the winter hibernation
    • OUR HONEY IS UNFILTERED:  Our honey is only sieved to catch any pieces of wax.  By minimally filtering the honey, it is the next closest thing to eating honeycomb!
    • OUR HONEY IS UNHEATED:  Honey heated above 38 degrees Celsius starts killing natural enzymes created by the honeybees.  At 60 degrees Celsius, everything is dead and all that is left is a sugar substance with no antibacterial and antimicrobial health benefits.

      Then why do they heat it?  To help make the honey flow through their processing systems more easily and to keep it in a liquid form on the store shelves.  Our honey is NEVER HEATED…NOPE, we will not do it!  The best way to know if your honey has been heated is, by placing it in a cold area.  If it does not start to crystallize, then chances are, your honey has been heated to a dead state 

      How does our honey get into the jars then?  Beagle decaps the honeycomb as soon as it is harvested and at the perfect natural bee temperature.  He then spins the honey out into a large vat, it is lightly filtered (to remove large pieces of beeswax) and then poured straight into the jars – that’s it!

    • OUR HONEY IS UNPROCESSED:  In the old days, honey was only honey.  Nowadays, loopholes in food regulations around the world allow the industry to process their honey with added sugar and water to increase their bottom line without listing it on the ingredient label!  Surprised?  We were too!  We only know how to make 100% PURE NEW ZEALAND HONEY!  No sugar or water are EVER added to Beagle’s Bees 100% Honey!
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