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Seed Super Greens Skin Hair & Nails 100g Refill Pouch Zoom

Seed Super Greens Skin Hair & Nails 100g Refill Pouch

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Seed Super Greens Skin Hair & Nails 100g Refill Pouch, Wise Cicada

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Product Description


    "a youthful outside blooms from a healthy inside"


    improve the appearance of skin, hair & nails with these carefully selected superfoods and herbs

    and because all of these nutrients are coming from those healthy vegetables we don’t get enough of, this will also dramatically improve overall health.




    • reduces age spots and wrinkles
    • helps firm up sagging & unbalanced skin.
    • helps clear acne
    • evens out complexion to make skin look rejuvenated
    • reduces signs of fatigue
    • natural collagen has anti-ageing effects by improving skin elasticity
    • protects skin from free radicals
    • restores the skin's natural glow



    • helps healthy hair grow
    • retain colour
    • improve hair strength
    • encourages stronger growing hair
    • rejuvenates & improves hair texture



    • encourages faster growing nails
    • Increases nail strength


    Vitamin C, E, Riboflavin, Copper, Zinc, Silicon, natural Collagen are responsible for these wonderful effects



    • kale - 15%
    • carrot - 15%
    • cacao - 10%
    • brocolli - 10%
    • swiss chard - 10%
    • romaine lettuce - 10%
    • watercress - 10%
    • dandelion - 5%
    • chlorella - 5%
    • spirulina - 5%
    • spinach - 5%
    • stevia - 0.001%

    recent studies have shown that the body doesn’t recognise or process vitamin supplements capsules. the human body has for the last 100,000 years, and always will, get its vitamins and nutrients from whole foods. seed is dehydrated whole foods so the body would recognise it and process it the same way  


    mix with juice, smoothies, protein shakes or water to make a delicious green smoothie. even mix with food to give an extra health boost to any snack. 


    we are one of the only ones to go the extra mile to freeze-dry our ingredients to retain vitamins and nutrients, unlike the cheaper, commonly used heat-dry method which strips out all this good stuff 

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